• The Importance of Surge Protection

    You may not be aware that the power delivered to your home comes in alternating currents. For the average home, those waves oscillate between 0 volts and 169 volts. Sometimes the power surges above 169 volts, often during a storm, and, just like that, you have no power. Our team at Brown Service Co. can

  • Is Your Home Up to Electrical Code?

    Just because your lights still turn on and the dishwasher still works properly does not mean that your electrical system is up to code. At Brown Service Co., we have seen a huge mess behind a seemingly well-working system. There is an electrical code in place that determines your safety and even the value of

  • Using Pros for Electrical Remodeling

    Remodeling your home is an exciting project, but it is full of hazards if you do not approach it with caution. While your do-it-yourself personality may be ready to tackle every aspect of the work, keep in mind that electrical remodeling should be left to the professionals. At Brown Service Co., we have years of

  • The Best Tips for Home Insulation

    Most people know proper insulation is one of the most effective ways to reduce heating and cooling costs while at the same time improving indoor air quality. Knowing how and where to insulate is key to maximizing your efforts. At Brown Service Co., we are happy to offer you some home insulation tips. Know the

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