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At Brown Service Company, we strive every day to provide exceptional service and great customer care. We would like to hear from you as well. So, how was your service experience with Brown Service Company?

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Gilbert N.
July 12, 2018

I highly recommend Brown Service Company! The men were knowledgeable and well trained...great service. I will tell all of my friends about Brown Service Company.

Sunny R.
September 11, 2017

Your technician was very nice and took time to explain everything that he was doing. I defiantly want him back!

Joseph S.
May 4, 2017

...Last week, (my mom) passed away here in Branson. We brought her back to Fort Worth to be buried next to my dad....

I want to tell y'all how appreciative I am for the way you took care of my mom and her house. She always spoke highly of y'all as you treated her with respect and dignity. Taking care of the house was a big deal for her and y'all helped tremendously. Thank you for taking care of her all those years!

Joni A.
April 4, 2017

Our service technician went above and beyond what many would do. He noticed water on the floor of the HVAC closet and discovered the safety switch for the condensate pump was not connected and the hose was kinked. He unkinked the hose and noticed insulation falling from the attic in the HVAC closet. I called my contractor who had done work on my HVAC recently and he will correct the problems. If it hadn't been for our technician I would have eventually had damage to my hardwood floors from water leaking. He serviced my ac and as I said went above and beyond what he had to do. I will be using Brown Service Company from now on.

Jan S.
March 26, 2017

I thought something was up with our home electrical service. The lights were flickering and the oven showed a Power Failure. We had a short brownout. We called Brown, and they recommended we first call the power company. TXU immediately disconnected the power due to a hazardous condition. By the time I got home that night, power was restored, a new box and solid ground were in place, and we could see the very damaged wires that had been removed. I really believe we narrowly missed a house fire. The bill was absolutely reasonable and the service outstanding. All fixed up in a few hours. We will always call Brown Service Company!

Onita C.
October 27, 2016

I want to thank Zack and let him know he probably saved my life! He came out to perform the fall service, per my Service Agreement, and told me he could smell gas in my home! I called the gas company, they came out, shut off the gas and evacuated me from my home. They told me I was lucky because had I not called there could have been an explosion or I could have died from the leaking gas! Thank you Zack and Brown Service Company!

Courtney H.
September 24, 2016

I just want you to know the the 2 gentlemen who put in our A/C were fantastic! They were such a great example to show my kids of teamwork, problem solving and using humor even when you're stuck all day in a small attic! Little eyes were watching and these two men showed them what great men do and say.

Thanks you!

Alan D.
August 18, 2016

Just purchased a home and the AC went out late Sunday afternoon. I contacted Brown first thing Monday morning, explained my problem and that I had a very important event scheduled at 3pm that day. l knew that it would be almost impossible to have someone here by that time. However they said they would do the best they could. They called me several times to let me know the technicians status and sure enough he arrived in time to fix the unit and I had enough time to make my appointment. We have been Brown customers for years and this is why. Great, honest and dependable company.

Vicki W.
May 21, 2016

Very pleased with Brown Service Company! Before they installed the new air duct system, my electric bills were $600 in the summer and wouldn't cool below 70 degrees. Now my electric bill is around $200 and it cools/heats very well!!

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