• Covid-19 and Air Quality

  • Covid-19

    What are we doing to help prevent the spread?In our office, we are sanitizing phones, credit card machines, radios and all hard surfaces with disinfectant. Vans have also be sanitized, and technicians are equipped with sanitizer. Any employee showing signs of illness will be sent home (office staff and technicians).We do these steps routinely throughout

  • Service Agreements…why?

    Why is it important to have an HVAC Service Agreement? When something fails on your equipment, manufacturers want to see service records for the equipment. We manage the claims for our customers, as well as maintain those records. Call and schedule your service today, and talk with your technician about the additional benefits of being

  • Flu shot for your home!

    Have you given your home a flu shot this year? We don’t always think about the air quality of our home contributing to our health, however, germs, bacteria, mold and more can accumulate in your air ducts. Combine the odor block and Reme-Halo to kill 99% of airborne bacteria, mold, pollutants and allergens improving indoor air quality

  • Electrical Service & Repair | Brown Service Co. Fort Worth, TX

    Electrical Service & Repair | Brown Service Co. Fort Worth, TX

    In addition to providing our Fort Worth customers with quality HVAC service and repair, we frequently run into issues that require electrical service and repair or electrical remodeling with heating and air conditioning replacement or repair work. That’s one reason why our customers rely on the quality and experienced electricians at Brown Service Company. Whether you

  • HVAC Inspections, Service & Repair

    HVAC Inspections, Service & Repair

    Want to minimize HVAC equipment repairs and costly replacements? How about reducing your overall monthly energy bills? That’s an easy answer, right? Well it is with Brown Service Company. Customers who sign up for our Peak Performance Agreements save more out-of-pocket costs on average than customers who do not. Want to know why? Your home

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