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Air Conditioning & Heating Inspections Fort Worth, TX

Air Conditioner & Heater Inspections and Repair

Much like a car needs an oil change and tune-up, your air conditioning system needs regular maintenance to stay running at its highest efficiency. Without doing so, serious problems could occur.

Brown Service Company offers a maintenance program to ensure that your system is running smoothly. Our AC and heating technicians come for a bi-annual inspection to be sure your AC is ready for the cooling season and your furnace is ready for the heating season. This affordable plan not only keeps your system running at its peak, but it also helps you save money.

    A properly working air conditioning system can greatly reduce energy costs as well as prevent costly repairs from unnecessary breakdowns of your AC and heating systems.

    As our premier customer, your air conditioning system will be at its top shape and last twice as long. Being a part of our maintenance plan makes you a priority over other customers, and we can guarantee that with our services, breakdowns and repairs will be at a minimum.

    For a AC and heating inspection, call 817-284-9204.


Our goal is to be the best air conditioning, heating and electrical company you have ever dealt with, and we will do everything within our power to reach that goal.

So, please come by and visit our showroom and parts department, where we invite you to enjoy a soft drink or a cup of coffee, as we answer any questions you may have about your electrical or air conditioning system. We look forward to servicing your air conditioning, heating, and electrical needs in the future.


  • How Do I Clean My Air Ducts?

    First, locate all of your home’s vents and clear any furniture, rugs, or other objects out of the area so they don’t get dust on them. After you remove the vent cover, get a vacuum and suck all the dust, dirt, and debris out of the duct. (If the vent is high up or otherwise in an awkward spot, you may want to get someone to help hold the vacuum.) Next, wipe down the inside of the vent with a rag and soapy water. You should also check for mold; if you find any spray with vinegar or mold killing solution and then scrub it away. After you let the duct dry out, replace the cover and put everything back.

  • What Should I Look For When I Am Inspecting My AC Unit?

    As a homeowner, you should routinely perform basic home air conditioner maintenance to ensure that your unit is functioning safely and efficiently. Before you inspect your AC, isolate the power by switching off the breaker.Examine the mechanical and electrical components for potential problems, and take note of any loose wires, corroded contacts, signs of vermin or other red flags. Clean up any noticeable dust and change dirty or clogged filters. Next, listen to your AC unit run.A properly working unit will hum with a consistent tone. If you hear unusual mechanical noises, you’ll probably need to repair or replace your AC.Finally,test your thermostat and check the temperature of the air coming out of your vents.

  • What Thermostat Should I Use For My HVAC System?

    To optimize your home’s heating and cooling system and save on monthly energy bills, find a thermostat that works efficiently with your HVAC system. When used properly, a digital thermostat with programmable controls can help lower your heating and cooling expenses. For maximum benefits and efficiency,look for a thermostat with a precise, well-designed sensor that provides accurate estimates of interior temperatures. Use the controls to program your system to run or shut off at different times of day. With a properly programmed thermostat, you can tailor your HVAC system to minimize energy waste.For example, you can set your system to run in a way that ensures your home is cool when you get home without running the air conditioning constantly when you are out of the house.Ask a professional for an expert opinion on HVAC thermostats available for your system.

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