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Insulation Installation & Inspection Fort Worth, TX

Insulation Installation for Your Home

In Texas, building codes require a minimum of R-30 rating for your insulation, while the recommendation is R-49. The R-value refers to insulation’s ability to resist heat flow. To maintain competitive pricing, many builders only offer the minimum for housing. This can lead to high energy consumption, especially in the Fort Worth area where it remains hot for many months out of the year.

Sufficient insulation is crucial to protect your home from high energy bills as well as uncomfortable temperatures. Our Fort Worth air conditioning experts provide inspections to see if your home needs any more insulation. From there, our technicians will recommend the best and most cost efficient plan for you. Insulation often pays for itself with the energy savings you’ll see.

Insulation Installation in Summer

Texas heat can greatly increase the temperature of your home. Roofs and walls tend to absorb the heat, forcing the air conditioner to work harder to cool the house. Without proper insulation, unnecessary wear and tear can significantly decrease the life of your AC system as well as raise your energy bills. Insulation puts a barrier between the heat and your home so that it stays cooler naturally.

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    Benefits of Insulation:

  • Lower energy bills
  • Better indoor air quality
  • Moisture control
  • A safer, healthy home environment
  • Sound control

Insulation in Winter

Heat escapes from your home through tiny cracks in the interior, leading to cold drafts. This could make your heater run non-stop and leave you with an outrageous heating bill. Insulation lowers your home’s demand for heat by keeping some of the heat from escaping.

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Brown Service Company is a family owned and operated business that has been proudly serving the Fort Worth area since 1952. Therefore, you can expect the very best in customer service backed by over 60 years of experience. It is our goal to employ only the very best Fort Worth HVAC service company and technicians with quality résumés; therefore you can rest comfortably knowing that each technician must pass a detailed background check prior to employment at Brown Service Company.


  • What Type of Heat Pump Should I Buy?

    Your heat pump options include those that run off of natural gas, those that operate off of electricity, pumps with variable speeds and those with dual speed motors. While shopping for a heat pump, be sure to look for one that’s energy efficient, operates quietly and will be able to keep running efficiently no matter how cold it becomes outside.

    If possible, we recommend heat pumps that run off of natural gas since electric heat pumps can drive up your power bills exponentially if the weather gets cold enough. We also suggest that you choose a heat pump with a two-speed compressor so that your pump doesn’t have to work as hard and experience as much wear and tear, which can go a long way in extending the life of your heat pump.

  • What Should I Look for When Inspecting My AC Unit?

    As a homeowner, you should routinely perform basic home air conditioner maintenance to ensure that your unit is functioning safely and efficiently. Before you inspect your AC, isolate the power by switching off the breaker.Examine the mechanical and electrical components for potential problems, and take note of any loose wires, corroded contacts, signs of vermin or other red flags. Clean up any noticeable dust and change dirty or clogged filters. Next, listen to your AC unit run. A properly working unit will hum with a consistent tone. If you hear unusual mechanical noises, you’ll probably need to repair or replace your AC.Finally,test your thermostat and check the temperature of the air coming out of your vents.

    Once you get to know your AC unit, you’ll be able to identify and address potential problems early.If you suspect that you need a repair – or a new unit – call a professional HVAC technician for help.

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