• Service Agreements…why?

    Why is it important to have an HVAC Service Agreement? When something fails on your equipment, manufacturers want to see service records for the equipment. We manage the claims for our customers, as well as maintain those records. Call and schedule your service today, and talk with your technician about the additional benefits of being

  • The Best Programmable Thermostat

    A programmable thermostat can go a long way in saving you money, but only if you buy the best programmable thermostat for your home and your specific needs. Brown Service Company can repair your HVAC system when it breaks down, but we can also help you find the perfect programmable thermostat to use with your

  • Maintaining Air Conditioning and Heating Systems

    It’s not enough for you to simply repair your HVAC system when it breaks down, you actually have to maintain it. Much like automobiles, air conditioning and heating systems work better and more efficiently when you perform preventative maintenance on them. The experts of Brown Service Company are here to help you keep your air

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